Monday, 19 September 2011

...and we're back

I haven't blogged in ages - so long, in fact, that I didn't notice my existing blog had fallen into disrepair. This is partly because I have a new website to showcase artwork on. Still, this gives me the opportunity to use this blog for slightly more informative purposes.

Sooo... right now I'm in the middle of producing new work for an upcoming exhibition at Grounded in Redfield, Bristol alongside fellow Bristol Illustrator Dave Bain. The theme is "Animals" and while I have a decent stock of images on that subject to choose from already, I've been working on a short series inspired by traditional livestock portraiture.

Which seems like a half-decent reason to do a tutorial.

As I've had quite a few questions about my process, I've decided to use my first "new" blog post to write about the work that goes into creating, say, this two-headed eight-legged cockerel: